Forward Forecast SEP’12

18 09 2012

Tuesdays in September “Not a Fan”   Are you a fan or a follower?  How would things change if you lived as Jesus lived, and loved the way He loved? These questions will be answered in an 8 week church-wide series. We will focus on the calling of every Christian to truly follow Jesus Christ. “Not a Fan” is a challenge to look at your relationship with Jesus with fresh eyes, a movement toward a life of endeavor in His name. Each week involves a good meal, live music, and a meaningful conversation/message. Invite a friend every week. Looking forward to seeing you here!

FWD Haiti Child Service Project this Sunday 23SEP.  We need your help this Sunday. Throw on a t-shirt and jeans and get here early one Sunday to serve. We’re asking  you to select one of the designated Sunday mornings below to operate the CRC Café in the connection center.  This includes arriving at 8:15 to set up coffee and sell snacks (bagels, donuts, etc) before and between the 9am and 11am services.  Dates for the fall are: 23SEP, 28OCT, 25NOV, 23DEC. All funds go toward Forward’s sponsored Haiti child – Sergina Georges.

Fall Festival 19OCT 6:00-9:00pm.  Serve and have fun at the same time!  The Fall Festival at CRC is the event we look forward to every fall. Food. Friends. Fun. Faith. Fall weather. Key this date into your schedule. Sign up to serve at the game booth Forward is hosting or sign up to help with take down/clean up. When you’re not serving, stay and have fun with your friends. Sign up this Tuesday night!


Faith-Sharing Resource Event.  Mark your calendars for 28OCT, 2:00-5:30pm.  Inherent in the life of following Christ is understanding how to share “the hope we profess” (Hebrews 10:23).  This event is offered at the culmination of our ‘Not a Fan’ series.  This is a great next-step in expressing our faith and following Christ. Let’s make a morning/afternoon of the experience: after the 11:00am worship service, we’ll grab lunch together, enjoy building friendships, and then return to CRC to discover how we can fulfill our calling to share our faith in the everyday.

Haiti Endeavor: 25OCT-02NOV.  Our team for 25OCT-02NOV2012 will return to Tiburon, Haiti in partnership with RMI.  Our efforts in Haiti will be centered on perpetuating our ongoing relationships with the people of Tiburon and the children CRC sponsors there.  Additionally, as well as serve with a medical team, distribute Stop Hunger Now meals, agricultural projects, clean water filter distribution, and other creative projects. Keep the team in your prayers this week as they get closer to their launch date.

Cardboard City @ CRC  Friday 09-10NOV 7:00pm-7:00am. Live as a displaced or homeless person/family for a night and discover more about Family Promise of Jacksonville – our local service endeavor against homelessness.

Invisible Children “MOVE” Screening  Tuesday 06NOV 6:00-7:30pm. CRC is hosting a regional screening which includes the premiere of IC’s newest fall documentary – “Move”, as well as a Ugandan speaker who will share about their lives and the affect the conflict has had on them.

Poverty Sim  Tuesday 13NOV 6:30-8:00pm. Encounter poverty through this unique event led by the United Way.




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