Forward Weekly 21-27MAY

21 05 2012

World Religions Summer Series Begins  Monday 21MAY: “Judaism”  How was Judaism different from other world religions when it emerged? Monotheism is the central premise of the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). How did Judaism influence these two other faiths? If you want to be convinced of the truths of Christianity, you have to study the world’s other religions. Our discussion will not  create a straw man out of other religions and then beat them up. We will take a sincere look at what each religion believes and how they practice their faith. During this week, we will take a look at the world’s oldest monotheism – Judaism.  Submit questions for discussion to Lance (


Memorial Day Cookout “like the Tigris and Euphrates joined” – Make plans to be with Forward on Monday 28MAY 4-7pm for a “wrap-up-your-Memorial-Day-Weekend” cookout at Huffman Blvd Park (click link for map). This will be a fun afternoon/evening with new and old friends. We’ll have our own version of the hunger games (emphasis on hungry). Have fun throwing the frisbee, sitting in the sun or shade, or take part in one of the competitions and games for teams and individuals. Sign up to bring a side item or dessert!




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21 05 2012

I can can be able to attend party if I can get a ride from someone to the party. 😉

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