Forward Weekly 16-22APR

13 04 2012

Monday 16APR: “[Roots] ReDiscover Christianity”   This series reintroduces us to what we thought we knew we believed. Do you know what Christians believe? Christians may believe in Jesus, but what do we believe about Jesus? Was Jesus created or creator? How can God be Triune if he is in three separate places at one time? Did Jesus always know he was God? Why does the Holy Spirit seem so vague? What do Christians believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, church, forgiveness, resurrection and everlasting life?   We’ll share a good meal, live music, and meaningful discipleship.  Explore more about Forward on the ‘Connect Weekly’ tab above.

Summer Series Beginning in MAY: “World Religions”  If you want to be convinced of the truths of Christianity, you have to study the world’s other religions.  Submit questions for discussion to Lance (


Haiti Endeavor: 04-13JUL  [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

We will be returning to Tiburon, Haiti in partnership with RMI.  Our efforts in Haiti will be centered on perpetuating our ongoing relationships with the people of Tiburon and the children CRC sponsors there.  Additionally, we will lead a 2-day young adult ministry conference, as well as explore options for Stop Hunger Now meal distribution, agricultural projects, clean water filter distribution, and other creative projects.  Greg Stritch and Lance Sellon will be leading the team. Informational Meeting on Sunday 22APR at 10:00am in room 219 at CRC.

Registration Deadline *EXTENDED* for the Haiti Endeavor is Sunday 29APR along with a $250NR deposit.  This launch is open to all Forward and CRC visitors and members.  Only 15 seats available.  Contact Lance ( for more information.




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