FWD Weekly 19-25MAR

15 03 2012

Monday 19MAR: “[SJ] Involved” 

When Christians fail to take action in correlation to our faith we “starve Jesus” (see Matthew 25:35-46).  We continue our 7-week“Starving Jesus: The Danger of Faith Without Action” series in conjunction with the long-observed ancient Christian tradition of Lent.  Each week leading up to Resurrection Sunday (easter), we will focus on developing one of six biblical HABITS.  This week we explore what it mean to be “Involved in Church”.  We have questions about church: Why should I go to church? Do I have to go to church to be a Christian? What is supposed to happen as part of church? What does it mean to be involved in church? These are meaningful questions. Let’s discover the insights of ‘involvement’ together.

Come discover more.  Let’s meet for a good meal, live music, and meaningful discipleship.  Explore more about Forward on the ‘Connect Weekly’ tab above.

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Forward Weekly Primer:

Get primed for next week’s conversation. Read one chapter a day this week of the book of Acts or Matthew (corresponding to date). Just worry about one chapter a day. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up, just read today’s recommended reading. Our unorthodox week goes from Tuesday to Monday:  Tue 20MAR: Matthew 20  –  Wed 21MAR: Matthew 21  –  Thu 22MAR: Matthew 22  –  Fri 23MAR: Matthew 23  –  Sat 24MAR: Matthew 24  –  Sun 25MAR: Matthew 25  –  Mon 26MAR: Matthew 26

Monday 27MAR: “[SJ] Tithe/Give”

One of six HABITS we are exploring during our Starving Jesus series is “Tithe/Give” and involves what John Wesley and we as Methodists refer to as actively giving our “prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.”  We have questions and concerns about tithing/giving:  What is the purpose of tithing? How much should I give?  Is the tithe just about money?  Is 10% a legal requirement?  Why does it seem like churches are always asking for my money? Should I expect something to happen with what I tithe/give?  These are meaningful questions. Let’s discover the insights of tithing/giving together.


Haiti Endeavor: 04-13JUL

We will be returning to Tiburon, Haiti in partnership with RMI.  Our efforts in Haiti will be centered on perpetuating our ongoing relationships with the people of Tiburon and the children CRC sponsors there.  Additionally, we will lead a 2-day young adult ministry conference, as well as explore options for Stop Hunger Now meal distribution, agricultural projects, clean water filter distribution, and other creative projects.  Greg Stritch and Lance Sellon will be leading the team.

Registration Deadline for the Haiti Endeavor is Sunday 15APR along with a $250NR deposit.  This launch is open to all CRC visitors members.  Only 15 seats available.  Contact Lance (lance@crcumc.org) for more information.




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