FWD Weekly 20-26FEB

20 02 2012

Monday 20FEB: “Starving Jesus: The Danger of Faith Without Action”   When Christians fail to take action in correlation to our faith we “starve Jesus” (see Matthew 25:35-46).  We start this new weekly series in conjunction with the long-observed ancient Christian tradition of Lent.  Each week leading up to Resurrection Sunday (easter), we will focus on developing one of six biblical HABITS.  Come discover more.  Let’s meet for a good meal, live music, and meaningful discipleship.  Explore more about Forward on the ‘Connect Weekly’ tab above.

Forward Weekly Primer: Get primed for each week’s conversation. Read one chapter a day this week of the book of Acts. Just one chapter. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up, just read today’s recommended reading. Our unorthodox week goes from Tuesday to Monday:

Tue 21FEB: Acts 1

Wed 22FEB: Acts 2

Thu 23FEB: Acts 3

Fri 24FEB: Acts 4

Sat 25FEB: Acts 5

Sun 26FEB: Acts 6

Mon 27FEB: Acts 7

Monday 27FEB: “[SJ] Hearing” One of six HABITS we are exploring during our Starving Jesus series is “Hear God” and is about prayer.  We have questions about prayer: What do I say? How long should a prayer be? How do I hold my hands/posture? Can I have my eyes open? Should I expect God to say something back? These are meaningful questions. Let’s discover the insights of prayer together.




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