Forward Weekly 14-20NOV

14 11 2011

Monday 14NOV: “[AC] Worship Fully”  Most of us have very specific memories about the Christmas season, both positive and negative. What are some of your positive memories? This study intersects with our upcoming Christmas Angel event in December.  Join Forward this night for a good meal, live music, and meaningful discipleship.  Discover more about Forward on the ‘Connect Weekly’ tab above.

Event Horizon
Monday 21NOV: “[AC] Spend Less” Next Monday, we will continues to highlight December’s Local Launch: Christmas Angels. Simultaneously, we’ll discover if it is possible to have a wonderful Christmas while spending less. Does Christmas equal spending?

Friday 09DEC: “Christmas Angel” Take a chance to do something unique this Christmas.  Christmas Angel is an event that CRC eagerly anticipates each year which provides local families with access to affordable gifts for their children.  Forward plans and coordinates this event in partnership with Windy Hill Elementary.  Come to Forward each Monday and discover how you can get plugged-in!.




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