E-Update 26SEP-02OCT

26 09 2011

Monday 26SEP: “Attention Deficit Disorder” – we conclude Destinations this week.  Each week’s lesson is free-standing, so catch the last flight of this series!


Event Horizon

Saturday 08OCT:Forward Shootout @ Paintball Adventures.  Time: morning showdown TBD.  Don’t worry football fans; plenty of time to spare to catch your favorite college football game (and bandage your wounds)!  Stephanie Fountain is the Commander-in-Chief for this event. Contact her or RSVP on our Facebook Event www.facebook.com/crcforward so we can get a head count NLT Monday 03OCT.  More info to follow! Be on the look out for annoncements at Forward!!!

Monday 24OCT: Stop Hunger Now Event. Invite friends & strangers to this night where we’ll literally pack thousands of meals for children and families in countries like Haiti, Sierra Leone, and others. More info to follow. Watch the video below for an glimpse into this event……

November/December: Christmas Angel Gift Event. Take a break from the message barrage of consumerism this coming holiday season. Christmas Angel is something Forward eagerly anticipates each year. This season we will experience what it means to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All. More to follow!

Other News

CRCForward.com Remodel: check out the new links above and weekly updates for Forward.

Sunday “Balanced” Small Group: contact Marcus Stouffer if you’re interested in getting together on Sunday AMs for a time of dicussion and discipleship correlating to CRC’s current Sunday morning message series.




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