Tuesday Night – You’re invited.

7 03 2011

Hey Forward-
I know most of you don’t typically come to the A218 Tuesday Main Gathering, however, I wanted to invite you to come this Tuesday (3/8) if you can. Right after the service is finished, we’ll be talking about the direction/vision for the upcoming season for Forward and A218. It would be really great if you all could join us. Check out the info below and let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you tonight/tomorrow night!

This Tuesday, immediately following the Main Gathering, we’re going to be having a Town Hall Meeting.

“What is this Town Hall Meeting?” you ask? Good question.

If you’ve been around us long, I’m sure you’ve noticed that things are always changing, moving (we’ve driven 4,500+ miles since January – that’s further than the distance between Jax and our friends in Cambridge!), adapting, and going forward as we seek to follow in the way that God is leading.

The purpose of the Town Hall Meeting is to gather the community to share with you all the vision and direction for the upcoming season…

i.e. we really, really want you all to be there!

Plus, Tuesday nights have been powerful this season and we have been praying and are believing that God is going to show up in a historic way this week.

So consider yourself officially invited.

Main Gathering/Town Hall Meeting
$2 Dinner @ 7pm
Service/Town Hall Meeting 7:45pm




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