2011 Launches

8 02 2011


Miami :: March 17-20 – $200

In Miami we’ll be partnering with several ministries as we serve the local church in that area. Trip like this one are always a great opportunity to experience ministry in a variety of settings and often help participants discover their interests and callings.


Japan :: May 3-12 – $2,500

On this trip we will be serving on a farm that teaches people from rural places around the world about sustainable farming. This could include teaching, farming and/or some construction work. We will also be spending time with the local youth and developing friendships with them as we serve.

Alaska  ::  May 22- June 2 – $1,600

We’re going back to Alaska! As we spend time on Kodiak Island with Alaska Mission, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and serve people who live on the island and who are attending the Crab Festival. It will be an experience like none other. -From AK Mission Leader; “Please keep sending A218 Missionaries! You are doing a great work.”-

Angola :: June 5-15 – $3,050

Spending time with the boys who live at a the school at Quessua will undoubtedly change your life. While there, we’ll likely be doing construction work to continue to rebuild ruins from Angola’s recent war. This trip is not an easy one by any means, but it will probably be the best thing you’ll do in 2011.

Southeast US :: June 9-12 – $300

Specifics are still to be confirmed for this trip. Experiences like this one are always a great opportunity to get involved in ministry in a variety of settings and they often help participants discover their interests and callings.

Europe :: June 18-27 – $2,200

Get to know our friends at Awakening during our three day retreat in Cambridge. From there, we’ll all head out to another country (still being determined) to do hands on ministry. This trip is about deepening relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, our relationships with Jesus, and showing His love to others as we serve them.

Cuba :: July 15-24 – $1,400

The Methodist Bishop in Cuba asked if a young adult team from Florida could come spend a week there this summer, and we’ve been asked to lead the charge. We’ll be partnering with young adults across the state for this trip and are excited about what God has in store.

Haiti :: July 28 – August 5 – $2,000

Join with us as we lead a conference for 300+ young adult leaders at our sister church in Tiburon, Haiti. This trip provides you with an amazing opportunity to make a long term investment in a country that is desperate for God. You’ll be challenged as you walk the streets and see extreme poverty and encouraged as you worship alongside those who live in that city.





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