Who Is In Charge?

5 02 2011

From Leah C:

Start talking about idols and you may find me zoning off–that doesn’t apply to me. I think of physical ornate monuments. But what role do “idols” play in my pleasant Western Christian life?

Once I get to thinking, I realize I probably do have some type of idols in my life. But as I try to decipher what that looks like for me, I struggle. It’s like seeing a shadow of an image without being able to make out the specific image. Is it money? Is it other people? Is it some other object?

When you take some time to start thinking about where your thoughts go most often, you may begin to see more clearly what your idol looks like. Another test mentioned in my Bible is to ask, “Who do I ultimately trust? Who is in charge of my future?”

In Exodus, the Israelites were commanded by God to have no other gods before Him (Exodus 20). Then, while observing the Sabbath when they were not to work, they were told to wait. While Moses was on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 31), instead of waiting, impatience led them back into their old ways. With their hands they acted, constructing a golden calf to worship and celebrate.

So now, back to me. “What is my idol” I wonder. It may be the need to act rather than wait on God. Self-motivated go-getters are celebrated, but when I put more weight on how good I am at my job or get all my satisfaction because of my skills, it may be the same feeling the Israelites got after looking at the calf they made with their hands. Perhaps my idol is everything I’ve made in this life so far without really relying on God. When it comes down to it, do I trust myself or God? Is God in charge of my future or am I? What about you?





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